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What is Equine Security?

Equine Security Service from Site Security Services

Are you a Horse Owner or do you run an equine establishment?

We can provide Equine Security Services that can help you. It is vital that you secure your property, tack and horses so you're not a target for thieves and vandals.

We provide a comprehensive crime and security consultancy service including:

Crime reduction surveys

Crime Prevention through Environ-mental Design

Property Marking

Staff Training in Personal Safety and Security Awareness

At Site Security Services, we have a “personal interest” in Equine Security — text by Terry McDonald

We own two aged horses and three ponies, plus a dog, three cats and many other four-legged and even two-legged creatures - only with feathers on top and all were rescued or unwanted - So!

We’d like to think that we fully appreciate all of the needs, concerns and worries of horse owners. Actually, we have been the victim of thieves in the past when we had our electric fence unit, heavy duty battery and large solar panel stolen from one of our fields.

The loss of the equipment was bad enough but the fact that the thief or thieves had left two horses without an operational electric fencing system mean that they had very much put the animals at real risk by doing so. The field was located in a quiet country lane well off the beaten track, but only 150 yards walk (or canter) from a very busy main road in Jersey.

Should the horses have escaped - and bless the two of them they hadn’t even tried - not only would they have been at risk, but most frightening of all, high speed traffic passing by could have resulted in a heartbreaking accident injuring people as well as the animals - too dreadful to contemplate!

An occurrence such as this is every horsepower's nightmare as we all know, and sadly during the time I spent policing in Jersey, I have seen the end result - and on more than one occasion too! I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone!

Having suitable and adequate insurance in place does in no way compensate for the carnage created when half a tonne of horse meets up with a couple of tonnes of motor vehicle travelling at speed. Prevention, I assure you is much better than cure - if there is such a thing - when all is said and done. For prevention, also read security for your loved ones because that’s what they are in 99% of cases - a real, living and breathing part of ones own family.

We can supply and install a wide range of electronic measures and countermeasures in a real effort to prevent such life changing experiences from affecting you. One phone call to us is all that it will take on your part. We will visit your stables, fields, sand school, barns and so on because all of our customers (and the horses) are individuals and their differing needs although similar but unique just the same.

Whether it be alarms and auto diallers (a GSM mobile telephone remotely activated by a signal from a security device) to tell you about a power failure to your fencing, intruders to your horses, a fire in your hay store, a GSM tracker system to help locate straying animals, we can and will help if we possibly can.

We really will understand your needs and concerns if anyone can, and our visit and advice is free. Should there be a real and genuine need to install equipment of any sort, well … I’m sorry but won’t be for free, but, I suspect that you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices.

We operate on levels of risk and will not attempt to sell you - for example expensive CCTV systems if what you’re are trying to do - at least the first instance - is to deter thieves from targeting your premises and animals. Good quality and realistic looking dummy cameras, reinforced by appropriate signs might be all you/we need to install to do the job, and much cheaper too.

Speaking as a horse owner, I hope that you will never need our services, but if you do we are only a phone call away (01534 721343).

You really will be contacting the converted!